Healthy Lunch Policy

Our School implements a healthy school lunch policy, thanks to the support and co-operation of all parents. 

The following foods are not allowed: –

Cans/glass bottles of fizzy drinks, sticky bars,
sweets, chewing gum and crisps.

In tandem with this policy we operate a “Clean
Environment Policy” encouraging pupils to keep our
classroom, schoolyards and school garden tidy and
free of litter.

Due to stringent regulations re. washing out of cartons, cling film etc. we request that all pupil bring home empty juice cartons, cling film, sandwich bags, tin foil, yoghurt cartons, wrappings etc in their lunchboxes to be recycled and disposed of at home.

A Green Schools committee comprising of pupils from 1st – 6th classes operates in the school with the emphasis on keeping the school environs litter free.

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