The Curriculum

All pupils at Cappoquin Primary School are taught the Primary School Revised Curriculum.  At all class levels there is an emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of concepts and skills. The curriculum is presented in seven curriculum areas some of which are further subdivided into subjects. Subjects which are taught are Gaeilge, English, Maths, S.E.S.E. (History, Geography & Science), S.P.H.E. (Social Personal & Health Education), P.E., Arts Education (Drama, Music & Visual Arts) and Religion. Development of literacy and numeracy skills are crucial as they are at the core of effective successful learning in all curricular areas. At the junior end of the school, there is particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy development.

Literacy Initiatives

Our school is involved in many literacy initiatives to supplement the work of each class curriculum. These include:

  • • Team Teaching
  • • Literacy Power Hour
  • • Visits to Local Library
  • • Paired reading
  • • Shared reading
  • • World Book Day

Numeracy Initiatives

Our school has purchased a lot of Maths resources and equipment to enable pupils to have a practical and hands on experience in Maths.  Maths initiatives include:

  • • Maths Week
  • • Maths Workshops
  • • Shared Teaching
  • • Maths Trails

An Ghaeilge

Tá sé mar aidhm againn atmasféar Gaelach agus dearcadh dearfach a chothú sa scoil.  Mar sin, bainimíd usáid as nathanna cainte sa seomra ranga agus sa chlós go minic.

We wish to promote an Irish atmosphere and a positive attitude to Irish in our school.  Irish phrases and sentences are often used in the classroom and schoolyard.

Religious Education

The “Grow in Love” curriculum is implemented in the Infant Classes.  We have regular visits to our school from our local priests.


Science week is marked in our school each year. This year various science experiments were carried out by the pupils of 6th class for the whole school to enjoy. The experiments ranged from a feast of dancing raisins to volatile volcanos, enabling pupils to become more aware of the fascinating world of science. 5th & 6th Class enjoyed Science Workshops.


Art is very strong in our school. The notice boards outside each classroom are awash with beautiful art work prepared by the pupils. Each year pupils partake in a variety of art competitions including the local Credit Union Art Competition.


The Curriculum identifies assessment a being integral to all areas of the curriculum. It helps communication between the progress between the teacher and the child, the teacher and parents and teacher and teacher. It enables the child to become increasingly self-aware as learner and to development techniques of self-assessment. It is essential to ensure that an ongoing high stand of education is maintained. In Cappoquin Primary School, assessment ranges from informal assessment which includes teacher observation, classwork, and homework, to more formal assessment in the form of teacher designed tests, diagnostic tests and standardised tests. All pupils from First to Sixth Form are given standardised tests in English and Mathematics every May. Assessment is used to identify children with specific learning difficulties so that the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure progress is achieved despite difficulties which exist. In addition to traditional assessment of knowledge, pupils are also assessed on their acquisition of skills, attitudes and values.

From Junior Infants upwards, parents receive summer reports. Parent/ teacher meetings are usually held each November.