Welcome to Second Class

National Tree Week – Trip to Glenshelane Woods!

April 13, 2021

National Tree Week – Trip to Glenshelane Woods!

All the children in the school visited Glenshelane Woods during National Tree Week 21st to 27th March 2021.   Each class went on a nature walk and had ...

Photo Competition

April 8, 2021

Photo Competition

While the children were learning from home during lockdown the school ran a photo competition during February.  Our photo competition entitled ...

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There are twenty-one children in 2nd Class, eleven girls and ten boys. They are a very kind, thoughtful group   who are always mindful of others. They are at present, respectfully preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. 

   They thoroughly enjoy participating in all class and outdoor activities, from exercising on the Slí na Sláinte, to G.A.A.  Coaching with Barry Dunne and in small little groups developing Team Building Skills with Mr Casey.

       They are a very inquisitive bunch of children who are very enthusiastic and always keen to engage in project work and research. They have been very busy undertaking research into ‘Old and New Buildings and Structures in Cappoquin and its surrounding town lands.

     The pupils  have been engaging  with their grandparents and older relatives  through an interviewing process ,  listening to , and recording   recounts of their  grandparents’ wonderful stories  of  their Early Education  ,  pastimes   and  traditions . Their conversations delved into facts and information pertaining to employment and   older buildings in the town and Locality. This  also involved the children’s  artwork , through  creating sketches of Old Buildings  ,  the Railway line  and River Transport throughout  the  centuries   on the beautiful River  Blackwater .  

    Through their wonderful and diligent efforts, the boys and girls of 2nd class have gained an invaluable insight into the rich and treasured   heritage of their grandparents and everyday life in Cappoquin during the 20th Century. They are very interested in ‘Caring for the Environment, ‘Nature and the World around them. They enjoy reading aloud, especially when it involves reading their own compositions with wonderful expression and pride.